Sonde de pH / température de la ligne de piscine - HI10053

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HI10053 est une sonde amplifiée qui intègre à la fois des capteurs de pH et de température et se connecte au contrôleur BL100 avec un seul connecteur DIN Quick Connect étanche.

The BL100 uses the HI10053 amplified probe that incorporates both pH and temperature sensors and connects to the controller with a single waterproof Quick Connect DIN connector.


Built-in Amplifier

  • The built-in amplifier helps to reduce electrical noise from recirculation pumps to provide for stable, reliable measurement.

pH Glass

  • The pH glass used is ideal for low conductivity water and provides for a fast response.


  • The PVDF body of the probe has a 1/2” threaded fitting for insertion to an in-line “T” fitting or the flow cell. The probe body has a hex fitting for tightening snuggly with a wrench.

Safety Features

  • The HI10053 is designed to have a 0 mV value at pH 4, and not at pH 7 like typical pH electrodes. In the event of a break, this reading will produce an alarm state (when programmed) and disable the pump from dosing. A standard pH electrode would have a pH value close to 7 and could result in either no dosing or excessive dosing based on the actual value and programmed set point.
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